Lunging: A good training for your horse!

Lunging: A good training for your horse!

Lunging a horse is something many people do on a weekly basis. And that's understandable! Did you know that lunging is a very good addition to the training of your horse? While lunging, you teach your horse to walk on its own two feet, and to carry itself without the weight of a rider on its back. With lunging you can teach your horse to walk prettyly in connection and balance. By lunging you see your horse from a distance during training, so you can see what your horse still needs to get into balance and which muscles he uses well.


Lunging can be done in different ways. For example, you can use a bridle, lunge girth and additional reins. By means of the side reins you can limit the exterior of the horse so that he cannot walk over his shoulder. You attach the side rein to the bit and to the lunge girth. You can set it up differently so that you can help your horse with where to keep his head. Here is a small overview of some examples of articles that you could use while lunging:

One of the other ways to lunge your horse is with a cavesson and just a lunge rope. You teach your horse to walk correctly in balance and to carry his own body. With the lunge rope, which is attached to the middle ring on the cavesson, you can pass aids to your horse. Some of those aids are, for example, half a stop or steering the horse away from you. This way you can correct your horse when, for example, he falls inside. All our cavessons are made without iron in the noseband. The difference between a cavesson and a bridle is simply that you do not need a bit with a cavesson.


MHS Equestrian sells beautiful nylon cavessons in many fun colors from size mini to size X-tra full.

There are also leather cavessons from size mini-mini to size shet. And soon also in the larger sizes!

MHS Equestrian has lunge ropes in two different sizes so that you can choose which size suits you best.